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i i 



New Beautiful Iris 









THE Bearded Ikis are usually at their l)est from jMay 10th to 'ioth. Although we must 
admit that we cannot boast a lovely display garden, with attractive landscape features, 
we do lay claim to one of the most com])lete collections of truly modern fine iris to be found 
anywliere. Oiu" stock is well grown, and we take pride not only in the high quality of bloom 
which will greet the visitor, but in the growth of rhizome and leaf, which, after all, is the really 
important thing as far as the ])urchaser is concerned. Our planting of Japanese iris will be at 
its ])eak the latter half of .Time, and the two-year clumps give promise of a riotous display of 
color next summer. 

Three years ago Mr. R. M. Cooley beg'aii a series of travels during the annual iris flowering season, 
and has eovered almost every section of the United States where iris breeding and growing on a commercial 
scale is indulged in. From the ])alm shaded, citrus scented gardens of California to those in staid old 
Boston and environs; from Kentucky and Virginia, botli .iust oozing southern hospitality, to St. Paul in 
lake-dotted Minnesota; from our own I^acific Northwest to Freeport, Illinois, and its great iris show; from 
New York and Long Island to the great middle-West with its Sass Brothers, and Cincinnati amateurs, and 
Indiana hybridizing wizards. If onl.v Nashville and a couple of points in Colorado were added, the surve.v 
would be almost complete. 

It i'as been a pleasure indeed to mret and talk -with sui-h men and woiiu'n as Dr. S. S. Berry, Mr. 
Salbach. the Sass's, Mr. ShuU, Miss Sturtevant, Mr. AVayman, Mr. Williamson, Dr. Kirkland and Mr. 
Connell, Dr. Ayres and Mr. AA'areham, Col Nicholls, Mr Lapham, Mi's. Kowell, Prof. Hill, Mr. Simpson, 
Air. Sheets. Mr. Grinter, Mrs. Keller, Airs. Emigholz, and a few others, all of whom are numbered among 
America's introducers of fine irises. And likewise the gardens and personalities of such well-known growers 
as Mrs. Pattison, Air. Milliken, Air. AA^ister, the late Mr. Schreiner and his son Robert, Air. Boehland, Mrs. 
Kellogg, Virgil Johnson, Mr. Gage, Mrs. Lothrop, Air. AA^assenberg. the Essigs, Mr. AVilkus, Airs. K. L. 
Browne, Mr. Bonnewitz, Mr. Mead, Air. Bretschneider, and a host of others have provided many, many 
hours of supreme en.ioyment. The pleasant memories of these visits will remain always, and the mental 
picture of the scores of colorful iris gardens looms before the writer like a huge patch-quilt, kaleidoscopic 
in form and tint. 

And now on the following;; pages you will find listed the cream of the tens of thousands of iris seen and 
admired during the course of these iris hunting adventures. The new seedlings offered, the foreign novel- 
ties listed, and the numerous American introductions to be found herein, are now growing in our gardens 
l)ecause they were deemed to be especially outstanding and worthy of a place in any garden. They are the 
varieties which have won the medals and certificates, the praise from critics, and the plaudits from those 
fanciers who have already seen them. They are the irises which the public will want to buy, and which 
the alert and uji-to-date grower will want to sup})l.v. 

TERMS, Etc, 

This list is intended for the wdiolesale trade only, 
and is placed in your hands at this time so that you 
may have an opportunity to include items in your 
own catalogue Avhich you possibly do not grow your- 
self, or which you have in insufficient quantity. AVe 
make a specialt.v of growing irises for the wholesale 
trade, and supply only first quality Oregon grown 
rhizomes suitable for resale, and which can be de- 
pended upon to bloom the first year after planting. 
Our stock is NOT IRRIGATED and NOT FER- 
TILIZED, and the remarkable size and quality of 
our rhizomes is only the result of clean and inten- 
sive cultivation on good soil and a favorable climate. 

Terms: 15% cash witli order, 15% on June 1, and 
20% on July 1. 25% on August 1 and September 1, 
PROAIPTLY. Such an arrangement permits you to 
realize a return on the stock before paying for it 
in full. These are the most reasonable terms offered 
by any grower, and we ask your co-operation by 
making yoru" payments exactly according to the 
above plan. 

Discounts: 15% may be deducted on all orders 
|ilac('d before February 20 and accomi')anied by cash 
in full. After that date, all orders fully iiaid for 
I)rior to June 1 are entitled to 5% discount. 

Shipments : AVe begin shipping orders about 
Jnni' 20. If you want your order sent later in the 
season, or on any specific date, we shall carry out 
your instructions. Early shipments permit plants to 
become established before winter sets in, but rhiz- 
omes are not as large as they would be in August. 
AVe prefer to shiji around July 10 as an ideal time. 

Transportation: Prepaid express or parcel post, 
whichever we deem most expedient. Be sure and 
state your express office, if different from postal 
address. We pack in dry excelsior in w^ell venti- 
lated cardboard cartons and guarantee safe delivery 
to point of address. All shipments are insured. Re- 
member, we PREPAY all costs, — the prices quoted 
hcri^in are for delivery to your door. 

We Guarantee all rhizomes true to name, first 
size, free from disease and pests, and to reach you 
in live and healthy condition. We do not guarantee 
them to live or grow in your garden under condi- 
tions over which we have no control. 

Reference: The First National Bank of Silver- 
ton, Oregon. 


First Time Offered in America 

Tlu' lialt'-do/cn foreign novelties listed below have 
never been for sale by any American grower, and 
we are proud to be the first to list them. While oui' 
catalogue contains many other iiierilorious introduc- 
tions from French and P]nglish growers, notably such 
things as Dei)ute Noiublot, Vert-Cialant, I'^rivolite, 
and Seidac, these varieties were of course available 
from a few sources last season. 

The following six ii'ises are growing undei' Fed- 
eral import permit, and sales are subject to release 
about the first of Julv. 

amber wave ' 


A new yellow from Cayeux. T^nlike Pluie d'Or, 
this iris is a uniform shade of lemon yellow, al)SO- 
lulely pure. Fine rounded flower of good size, over 
thi'ee feet tall. The lemon coloi- introduces a new 
tone in iris of this class. Phebus was the high spot 
in French introductions in 1930, and was priced at 
one thousand francs. It is a very rapid increaser. 

Each $15.00; three for $40.00 

Amber Wave 

The A. I. S. bulletins have for two years carried 
the endorsements of Americans wlro chanced to see 
this novelty flowering in England. It is a luminous 
aml)er yellow self, suffused and shot with olive 
bronze. The falls have a lovely faint velvety violet 
blue flush at the haft, which is heavily reticulated. 
The whole flower is pei fectly projiortioned and well 
balanced, with very hroad standards and falls, which 
characteristic it owes to one of the parents, Mrs. 
Valerie West. Height 3 feet. Very late. Amber AVave 
is another iris which received a silvei- medal award 
at the London show last year. 

Each $12.00 ; three for $30.00 


A very beautiful, superb iris, with very 

large, oval shaped flowei's in a nnifiMMii shade of soft 
pink, with deep gold beai-d. The stalks are almost 
shoidder high, and in the English trial grounds at 
Wisley it proved a sensation. American visitors at 
the English shows were struck with its beauty. Dog- 
rose was awarded the silver medal at the ijondon 
show when exhibited as a seedling in 1!)2!). Vei'y 
limited stock. jj^^j^ ^^2.00 


This striking iris, pi'oduced on stems that branch 
four-way, six to eight in nundier, is hei'alded in Eng- 
land as an advance in iris breeding comjiarable to 
the introduction of Dominion. The blooms are huge, 
splendidly formed, and in color are a rich auricula 
red purple. The beard is inconspicuous, there being 
nothing to detract from the intense richness of the 
velvety falls. Ileigbt close to 4 feet. Cai'fax is an- 
other silver medal winnei-. 

Each $12.00; three for $30.00 


Introduced as a white Aphi-odite, one of the 
l)arents. As clean and clear as a crystal, with lovely 
form, slender l)raiudiing stems, this free flowering 
white is distinct from all other white irises, and as a 
result it was awarded the silver medal at the English 
Iris Society's exhibit in London in 1930. Columbine 
is a very fast multiplier, our own stock increasing 
about fifteen to one in two years. 

Each $6.50, three for $15.00 


This is a seedling of Zulu crossed with Moonlight, 
carrying the Dominion foi-m and substance of the 
fornu'r and the general color tone of the latter. The 
standards are a glistening sulphury yellow, the falls 
(piite sinnlar, overlaid and suffused smoky violet 
with heavy greenish gold reticulations on white at 
the haft. ( 'ei'tificate of inei-it at the London show in 

Each $6.50 ; three for $15.00 

SPECIAL GROUP OFFER ^ne each of the above six new foreign novelties 

vifhich aggregate a value of $64.00 for $50.00 





Cincinnati, Ohio 

MELDORIC. His most outslaiuling production 
to date. Has been a sensation in his garden 
for three years past, as well as a favorite with those 
who saw it flower in England. Meldoric combines 
the richness of Dominion with the size and majesty 
of Rlesopotamiea, witliont the tenderness of the latter 
strain. The flowers are bine-black in effect, colossal 
in size, with broad flaring falls and standards of 
huge size and darkest hue. This magnificent iris car- 
ries the endorsement of such prominent authorities 
as ]\[rs. Peekham, Dr. Waller and Mr. Bretsclmeider. 

Monster rhizomes, each $18.00 

Venus De Milo 

A white Dominion seedling. Out of perhaps a 
dozen superb whites, all large, tall, and in varying 
degrees of purity and color, this one has been 
selected this past l)looming season as the best. 
It is an alisolutely clear white, of a warm creamy 
tone, with a yellow beard. In size it is much larger 
than any hardy white we have seen, with exception 
of Wamldiska. Avhich has a distinct blue flush in the 
standards. VENUS DE JMILO has petals of extra 
heavy texture ; in fact, it stood up better in a 90- 
degree sun than any other iris in our garden. This 
is introduced at an exceptionally low price for a 
super iris. It is a rapid inereaser, and thus a low 
introductory price is permitted. 

Each $8.00 ; three for $20.00 


A glorious, gloAving red-brown, overlaid with a 
coppery suffusion. Very early, but with so many 
buds to the stalk tliat it lasts well into the season. 
The falls are a brillrant red when seen with the sun's 
ray through them, and the standards seem as if 
sprinkled with gold diist. This is one of the most 
outstanding new varieties seen in the Avriter's tour of 
over 10.000 miles the past blooming season. Large in 
size, well branched, and abont 40 inches in heiglit. 

Each $8.00; three for $20.00 


A subtle blend of monster size, smoky mulberi'y 
in general color effect, with the center of the fail 
intensely colored, passing out to the smoky tones of 
the standards. This variety calls to mind Dr. Ayres' 
famous "Persia." l)ut the dominant note is dull red 
instead of dull blue. TAPESTRY is a favorite of 
Mrs. Ayres. who admired it especially as a cut flower 
m the house. Each $8.00; three for $20.00 

Special Group Offer 

IMeldoric, Venus de IMilo, Zuni and Tai^estry, four 
gems of the modern iris world, for $35.00. 


Our 1932 Introductions 

Crown Prince 

Eaised hy 
Silverton, Oregon 
For years Dr. Kleinsorge has been working for a 
true variegata Avith giant size, Dominion form, and 
on a tall and well branched stem. Crown Prince is 
a supreme achievement, and no other variegata seen 
in the four corners of the country compares with it. 
The standards are a solid deep orange-yellow, the 
falls solid velvety CroAvn Prince has 
every desired characteristic. It is the variegata that 
not only the Doctor has been looking for, but every 
other iris connoisseur as well. Very few plants. 

Each $25.00 

Eloise Lapham 

Baised hy 
Elkhart, Indiana 
This delightful pink iris was discovered upon the 
occasion of my first visit to Elkhart in 1930. The 
color is indescribably soft and smooth, an even tone 
of delicate flesh pink, and the sul)stance is like kid. 
The flower itself is about the size and shape of Mid- 
gard, and of medium height. As a clump in Mr. 
Lapham 's garden it drew instant attention, and its 
rapid increase and freedom of liloom will be sure to 
make it a great favorite. 

Each $10.00; three for $25.00 


CooLEY's Iris Gardens 

810 N. Water Street 

. I S R A R Y 

j 12, E C K; I V » 

i ^ NOV 1 3 1932-^ 


i U. S. Depaitmeut of A^rionUnra. 



TO THE TRADE: Early in February we issued our regular catalogue for 1932 to Iris Dealers, and 
as you are now on our mailing list it is presumed that you received a copy. Our prices at that time 
were conceived to be about on a level that would prevail for this season, but since that time there 
has been a general revision of prices downward, — growers thruout the country seemingly trying to 
outdo each other in the matter of price reduction. 

Within the short space of two or three months from the date of issue, our catalogue prices to 
the trade were even higher than the retail quotations of many other growers. As a result, we were 
obliged to enter the retail field, and you will find enclosed herewith a copy of our retail catalogue. 

We are now prepared to accept orders from iris dealers on a discount basis as follows: 

1 RHIZOME 25% off the Catalogue price 

3 RHIZOMES 35% off the Catalogue price 

10 RHIZOMES 40% off the Catalogue price 

All selections to be made from this Retail List. 

AH quotations in our original wholesale list are hereby cancelled, with exception of 
the Japanese Iris list, which remains the same. 

We are SOLD OUT of the following, so please don't include them in your order: 









C. E. Stringer 


Desert Gold 

El Capitan 

Germaine Perthuis 

Golden Promise 
Grace Sturtevant 
Jean Chevreau 
King Karl 
King Tut 

Los Angeles 

Mary Barnett 

Michelline Charraire 


Moon Magic 




Red Dominion 

Rosa Bonheur 

San Francisco 

S. Loetitia Michaud 


Taj Mahal 


White & Gold 

Wm. Mohr 

W. R. Dykes 

D'OR, and SIR MICHAEL, for $6. Finest size, whopping big rhizomes, sure to bloom 
next season. You'll have to hurry ! 


The Famous Wareham Seedlings 

Eiver since the ascendency of the Iris us a i)()puhir fh)wer in this conntry, the niarvehnis 
seedlings of JNlr. John D. Wareham, grown on the estate of Mrs. Samuel Taft in Cincinnati, 
have ])een admired and discussed hy everyone who has visited the Taft gardens. Meml)ers of 
the American Iris Society have tried without avail over a period of many years to induce Mr. 
W'^areliam to allow some of his ])roductions to he put into commerce, hut uj) until recently he 
has steadfastly hung onto them. His progress in yellows, using the Donn'nion strain in his work, 
has heen especially outstanding, and visitors have expressed amazement at his recent develop- 

Last summer arrangements were made with Mr. AVareham wherehy we were given the 
privilege of introducing the following five varieties, and they are offered as the hest in their 
res])ective color classes which he has thus far turned out. 


This prodiu'tion, which lins crciitcd coimncnt in the Tal't iiar- 
den during: tlie i)ast three years, is undoubtcMlly the finest yellow 
iris ever introduced in America, possibly in the world. This writer 
lijis seen most of the new yellows now in commerce, imdudins; 
Jason, Daffodil, G. B. Baker, and the vai'ious deep yellows listed 
in this catalogue, and Alchemy easily stands at the tup ol' tl'c list. 
The stems are tall, well branched, and bear a goodly iiunibei- of 
solid, deep yellow blossoms, heavy of texture and wonderful in 
form. The flowers are considerably larger than Phiie d'Or. !See 
iMiss Sturtevant's article in A. I. S. bulletin No. 38, pages 36 to 40. 

Each $35.00 

KoTHEN (Out of the East) Mabel Taft 

Soft, ivory-yellow, entirely overlaid buff produc- ^ ^j^^^ Dominion violet blue, particularly out- 

mg an effect of rich antique ivory. Typical Dominion gt^inding among irises of this color class. Umg ad- 
shape, the falls flaring widely, and with domed visiting the Taft e.stat.', and Mr. 

standards. Large blooms, fre.'ly produ<-e,l. make tins Wareham has always been urged to intrcdii,.,. this, 
a marvel in the garden jnctiu'e. 

Each $20.00; three for $50.00 Each $10.00; three for $25.00 

TiGER-TiGER Legend 

Wareham 's finest red, a brilliant iris of a shade 
entirely distinct from Dauntless. The very large Huge flower of crimson claret, and wliieli has also 

blooms are rather rounded in shape, abundantly been a favorite of Iris Society visitors. This rounds 

borne on three-foot stems. Splendid as either a spee- out the set of introductions from this famous coUec- 

imen or a garden clniiip. tion. 

Each $15.00; three for $40.00 Each $10.00; three for $25.00 

SPECIAL GROUP OFFER Oj^e each of the above new Wareham seedHngs 

the total value of which is $90.00, for $75.00 

"Your irises arrived in fine shape, and .they are fine spec- 
imens. You are very generous and surely will receive some 
future orders from Hearthstone." 

M. B. DOUB, 

Hearthstone Farm, 
Hagerstown, Md. 

"Sliipment of irises has been received in excellent condi 
tion. ^lany thanks for the nice stock and liberal cnniit. 
Hope I can give vou more business in the future." 


Terre Haute, Ind. 

"Thanks very much for the splendid roots received yester- 
day in perfect condition in spite of the heat wave. I surely' 
was surprised and grateful to get such a grand rhizome of 
Wambliska." MRS. E. L. SCHEFFY, 

W. Mansfield, Mass. 

"The iris arrived in good condition and T never saw better 
roots. I quite envy your land that will produce such fine 


Wellesley Farms, Mass. 

"The four Ayres seedlings arrived to(lay by jiarcel jiost in 
fine condition. T was amazed to find sucli wondei-ful rhi- 
zomes as you send out on such recent introductions. Ilow 
do vou grow them so big?" 


Riverliy Ii'is Gardens, 

Columbus, Ohio. 

"Many thanks for the fine iris roots received tlie other 
dav, and for the extra one." 

J. D. LONG, 
Boulder, Colo. 


In the following list will lie found most of the 
irises now in the limelight, many of them introduced 
only during the past year or tAvo, others less recent, 
hut riding the Avave of popularity. Eealizing the high 
quality of these particular sorts, aa'c have built up 
fairly good-sized stocks of most of them, and are uoav 
in a position to supply splendid rhizomes in reasona- 
ble quantity and at attractive prices to the com- 
mercial iris dealer. Every one is a gem. 


The peer of all red irises,, a Dykes medal Avinner 
in America, and certainly one of the finest things 
ever introduced. The blooms are of great size, on 
tall stems, and floAver over a long season. In color 
Dauntless appears much redder than most other so- 
called red irises, due partly to the fact that it carries 
a mixture of orange and broAvn in its pigment and 
very little lilue or purple. Across the garden it ghiAvs 
like fire. It Avas the finest variety seen in Ncav Eng- 
land last season. 

Each $6.50 ; three for $15.00 

Desert Gold 

A very early, very large, and extremely fine ad- 
dition to our groAving list of yelloAV sorts. Desert 
Gold is not a deep yelloAv, nor is it a piale yelloAV 
com]iarable to anything Ave uoav have in this class. 
Standards are large and domed, pure light yelloAV. 
Falls are extra broad, flare AAddely, and are a very 
light yelloAv, but the central portion is of an un- 
usually brilliant chrome, Avith a heavy, deep yelloAV 
beard, and this makes for an effect not present in any 
other yelloAv. Desert (!old Avas one of the finest ucav 
irises seen on my trip this past season, and Avhile it is 
not the best yelloAV, it certainly is deserving of a po- 
sition among the best n(>w inti'oductions. Nothing 
else like it 

Each $10.00; three for $24.00 

Egypt ^ 

A grand iris of immense size and great substance, 
enduring Avind and rain, as Avell as a strong sun. 
The floAA'ers are of Mme. Gaudichau shape, Init meas- 
iiie over five inches from top to Itottom. Broad 
standards, stiff and erect, of a livid bronzy-violet. 
Falls very large, long and droo])ing, of deep velvety 
maroon-purple, Avith black sheen. Bi'ight gold beard. 
Very little reticulation. A robust, free blooming, 
very tall and Avell branched ncAV English A^arietA' from 
the" fii'm of R. AVallace & Co. 

Each $5.00 ; three for $12.00 


Uniform yelloAv of a smooth, soft finish. Last 
June I saAv a splendid clump of this blooming in Mr. 
AVayman's garden. Not only is it one of the loveliest 
yelloAvs Ave have, but the style and finish of the 
floAver is especially pleasing. It Avas loaded with 
blooms, on three-foot stems, and the low and nu- 
merous branches make it a shoAvy subject in the gar- 
den. An extra rapid increaser of unquestionable 
hardiness. ^^^^ $20.00; three for $50.00 



This French introduction is offered as a great 
improAa^ment upon the variety Marquisette. The gen- 
eral effect is one of rich and brilliant shrimp-pink, 
the entire blossom seemingly dusted with gold dust. 
Mr. Sherman Duffy, eminent iris authority and 
'\\ritei', states in PuUetin No. 41 for October, that 
during the past blooming season Frivolite made a 
distinct impression \\])on him, and that he considered 
it the finest thing in its class. A A^ery loA'ely and 
unicpu' novelty. Rapid of ino'ease. 

Each $6.50; three for $15.00 

Indian Chief 

AVell named, for Avhile classed as one of our su- 
perior reds, it carries a bronzy overcast, being re- 
garded by some critics as a red blend. At any rate, 
Indian Chief is one of the most popular of the ncAver 
things, and a credit to Doctor Ayres, its introducer. 
A stalk of this Avas exhibited at the Boston sIioav, 
and Avas one of the most talked of irises in the entire 
display. The velvety falls are deep blood-red, blended 
Avitli bronze, and the standards are considerably 
lighter in tone. A large floAver, quite tall, and A^ery 

well Itranehed. nr, , ^« , „ * 

Each $5.00; three for $12.00 



In many ways this was the outstanding iris bloom- 
ing in our gardens in 1931. The deep velvet-maroon 
flowers left nothing tO' ask for in either size, shape, 
or all-round iris perfection. My own color descrip- 
tion would be "a self of velvety-garnet, willi beard 
of bronze-yellow. " Melchior was introduced in Eng- 
land as an improved ^Irs. Valerie West, but Avitb us 
it is distinctly different, and we personally legai'd 
it as one of the world's very best. 

Each $5.00; three for $13.50; ten, $40.00 

Depute Nomblot 

Tlie world's greatest iris. Blooming for the first 
time in America during the season of 1930, it ahnost 
bowled over all who saw it. During the past season 
it has proven worthy of first impressions, and from 
England and Prance, as well as from all sections of 
this country, come songs of praise for this imposing 
giant of the race. Standards light glowing rosy- 
pui-[)le. overlaid bronzy-gold. Falls very wide, spread- 
ing, purplish garnet-red, shading to ligliter rosy- 
bronze at the edge. Deep orange beard. Over four 
feet tall, wonderfully well branched. Depute Nom- 
blot received a certificate of merit in 1929 at the 
Paris show, and in 1!).'!() was awarded the Dvkes 


Each $20.00; three for $50.00 

V ert-Galant 

Like Damon and Pythias, Vert-Galant and Depute 
.Xomblot are usually seen together — they are "pals 
inseparable." This one is in a distinct shade of bril- 
liant copper-red, with cop|M'ry fawn standards. In a 
California garden in 1930 I found one rhizome put- 
ling forth four huge stalks. Last year it was the 
lai'gest and most outstanding thing in Mi'. Wister's 
Pliiladelphia garden. In the garden of Robert Hchrei- 
ner in St. Paul it was likewise of stupendous size, its 
s(>cond s'milar performance there. The brilliant cop- 
per tom^ has extra good carrying quality, and the 
four-foot spiki's dominate the garden. i\notlier Dykes 
medal winner. 

Each $15.00; three for $40.00 

Clara Noyes 

A lovely wai'ui bleiid from Hans Sass. At the time 
of my visit to his garden in 1930 I selected this as 
my favorite, and was eipially impressed again last 
season. It was the favorite of all visitors to our own 
planting last May, and all of our available stock was 
(juickly sold out. The coloring is a nu'dley of peach 
and apricot tones, suggesting perhaps the rich and 
brilliant blendings of the rose "Talisman". Sher- 
man Duffy says of it: "Perhaps the most strikingly 
coloi-ed of all the new irises I saw this year and one 
that atti-aeted attention \vhei-evei- shown. A very 
bi'illiant and beautiful iris that evei'yone Avanted at 
sight." See reproduction on cover. 

Each $6.50; three for $15.00 

Gold Top 

Introduced by Carl Salbaeh last season. Rich old 
gold standards, set off by falls that are i-ed violet in 
the center and edged old gold. The style arms and 
beard afford a further touch of gold. Blooms very 
early and continues all through the season, the colors 
growing richer as the season advances: 12 inches tall 
and well branched. To me, this iris i)resented the 
novel appearance of being fashioned out of brass, 
because of the odd brass-yellow color effect. You 
surely will like it. 

Each $6.00; three for $15.00 


The Sass Brothers have given us, of late years, a 
series of irises of the Ophelia type, ranging in tone 
fi'om deep yellow-browns to pale yellow-pinks. Eu- 
phony is one of the most beautiful and distinct of all 
this series. The standards are mustard yellow, waved 
and fluted, stained with light brown at the tips. 
Falls are squarely held, mustard yellow, flushed with 
blue in the central portion and overlaid soft brown. 
This is a lovely and bright color harmony, and the 
great freedom of bloom of this variety makes it a 
heavy favorite. See color r(>production on cover. 

Each $1.50; three for $3.75; ten, $10.00 



The huge white self, raised by Jacob Sass of 
Omaha, Nebraska. This was the most sensational iris 
of 1930, and is being proclaimed by all who have 
seen it as the greatest hardy white in the world. Few 
irises in existence are larger in size, and it flowers 
abundantly on four-foot sturdy stems. A faint blue 
flush at the base of the standards gives it a cool ap- 
pearance, rather than the warm effect of creamy 
whites like Purissima, Michelline Charriere, etc. It 
is certain to enjoy world-wide popularity, because of 
the tenderness of our present super wliites in many 

Very few rhizomes for sale ; each $12.00 ; three, $30.00 

W. R. Dykes 

No iris has come to us from any source that has 
carried greater advance publicity, and it is doubtful 
if any has created as much comment. Here is a yel- 
low iris that ranks with the very largest in size, with 
heavy crepey texture, and a color of richest golden- 
yellow. The falls are usually stained and streaked 
lightly with purple. In some flowers this is not evi- 
dent at all, l)ut the beauty of the blossom is not 
marred in the least. It has flowered well in almost 
every section of the country, but it does demand per- 
fect drainage. Cold temperatures do not seem to 
harm tlie plant. A great novelty. 

Each $18.00 



An fiutumn flowering iris tliat, with us at least, 
lias not only bloomed in the spring and fall, but 
throughout the summer as well. Those who already 
have among fall bloomers the white, purple, and yel- 
low varieties from the Sass Brothers, will welcome 
this French variety, because it adds a different color 
note — one of red-brown and fawn, with some of the 
pigment found in Dauntless, although by no means 
as red. Khizomes are usually quite small, but the 
flowers are of large size, and tliere just seems to be 
no end to its blooming possibilities. 

orange beard. Ont 
almost total absence of veining 


This was a "find" in tlic 
writer's trip tlirough the mid- 
West in V.)'i(). A gorgeous thing 
of the Asia type, of Dominion 
form and texture, with wide, 
flaring falls, and a stiff, eane- 
like stem. Tlic huge standards 
appear to be fasliioned out of 
gold leaf, gradually shading tf> 
reddish-la vendei- in the upper 
portion. The l)eard and center 
of the flower glows so vividly 
that ^Ir.'Grinter, the liybridizer, 
says that when he looks into it, 
it almost .'-eems to be alive. 
Classic is distinctly different 
from the average run of intro- 
ductions, and we heartily rec- 
ommend it. We sold out en- 
tirely on this last year. 

Each $17.50; three for $45.00 

Sen LAC 

Introduced l)y the Orpington 
Nursei-ies in England, liiis 
richly colored iris stands out as 
the reddest yet to come from 
that country. With blooms 
larger than the best of the Do- 
minion race, it carries its bril- 
liant claret-red flowers on 
strongly branched stems, and is 
so highly regarded in England 
that it is rated at 91. 

Each $18.00; three, $45.00 


TheLongfield Iris Eanti iiitiD- 
duced Andante in 19:^0 as a 
greatly improved Germaine Per- 
thuis. It bloomed for us this last 
season and was one of the sui-- 
prises of our garden. The great, 
black buds unfolded into flow- 
ers of perfect form and won- 
drous beauty. General effect is 
darkest i)urple, with very bright 
of the excellent features is the 

Each $4.00; three for $10.50 

Beau Sabreur 

A rich vai'iegata introduced in 19;!0 by the Long- 
field Iris Farm. Bright orange-yellow standards, 
lightly stained bronze; falls very rich and velvety, of 
deep red-brown. This is a very rapid increaser. a 
single rhizome nuiking a clump in one year's time. 
The new "Crown Prince" is a flower of this tyi>e, 
but of much greater size and height. 

Each 85c; three for $2.25; ten, $5.00 

Each $3.50 ; three for $9.00 ; ten, $25.00 

Caroline E. Stringer 

A few years ago the Bass's gave us this lovely 
apple blossom pink — a pink so pale and delicate that 
it is almost a tinted white. It still stands as one of 
the really excellent things in fine iris, and at the 
present very Ioav ])i'ice nn one slionld lie without it. 

Each 65c; three for $1.50; ten, $4.00 


For those Avho do not feel lil^e investing in the 
newer yelloAvs offered in this list liecause of the 
higher cost, we sincerely recommend Coronation. It 
is a uniform deep yellow, absolutely hardy, doesn't 
fade, and compares well with irises of recent intro- 
d\iction in other colors. Our large stock has been 
built up to meet the demand Avhich we felt sure 
Avould come when growers realized the value of this 

Each $1.50; three for $3.75; ten, $10.00 

Dolly Madison 

AVith tlie blended colorings of an iiif I'usified 
Quaker Lady, and size, l)ranching halnt and lieight 
comparable to the best, this AVilliainson introduction 
-has no superior in its class. As the Longfield cata- 
logue states: "Eventually you will own Dolly Aladi- 
son." It carries some of the shades found in the 
new French varieties, Anne Marie Cayeux and Evo- 
lution. Keliable everywhere, and certain to evoke 
the aduiiratinn of all who se(^ it. 

Each $1.50; three for $3.75; ten for $10.00 

Frieda Mohr 

Dependable anywhere, despite tlie fact that it was 
originated in California and contains tender blood. I 
have found it perfectly at home in Ohio, j\Iinnesota. 
and NcAv England, as well as in the moist climate of 
the Pacific Northwest. The color is a lively shade of 
violet-pink, standards slightly lighter than the falls. 
Its huge size and great height make it a leader in 
any color class. 

Each $1.00; three for $2.25; ten, $6.00 

King Tut 

One of the inherent qualities oi' the many new 
Sass irises is the element of rich i-ed-brown in the 
various color schemes. This has been accomplished 
through the use of King Tut in the various crosses, 
and in spite of his almost countless progeny, the 
King still remains the most brilliant of all, blazing in 
the sunlight like a live ember. Easy to grow, a free 
flowerer. Every iris growei" should have it. 

Each $1.00; three for $2.70; ten, $7.50 


This little gem was growing in Kellogg 's fa- 

mous garden (Over-the-Garden-Wall ) in a group in- 
cluding Dauntless, and it struck me at first sight as 
an abridged edition of the giant red. The colors are 
more subdued, a medley of deep pink and Inown, set 
Avith a hi'ight orange beard. Fine for the front of a 
planting where taller sorts are used in the back- 
ground. Montour is perfect in every detail, in a class 
entirely apart from most irises of chvarf statui'e. 

Each $1.00; three for $2.25; ten, $5.00 


Wm. Mohr 

This strange and beautiful hybrid is named for 
one of the world's most famous hybridizers, and is 
considered as his greatest piece of work. The entire 
bloom is a self color of pale lilac, closely netted and 
veined with deep violet, producing a weird, yet very 
lovely effect. In some ways it resembles the variety 
"Susiana", but lacks the dullness of this older sort, 
and is not at all difficult to grow. A monster floAver, 
produced on stems up to 30 inches tall. At the iris 
shoAv in St. Paul, ^linn., last June it Avas a center of 

Each $1.00; three for $2.55; ten, $7.50 

Pluie d'Or 

A beautiful iris, on slender, perfectly branched 
stalks well over three feet tall. Fine rounded floAv- 
ers of solid golden yelloAV, with deep yelloAv beard. 
AVinner of the Dykes medal in France, it has proven 
an outstanding variety of this color both in Europe 
and America. AA^herever I went last spring I found 
hybridizers at Avork AAdth crosses from this A^ariety, 
an indication of the regard in Avhich it is held by 
our foremost introducers. 

Each $5.00; three for $13.50; ten for $40.00 

Large stock permits this very Ioav pi'ice. 


Mrs. Valerie West 

Of the Ions liiH- of Dominion seedlings |)ut out 
by ^Ir. Bliss, he considers this his crowning achieve- 
ment. It combines the rich colorings of Bruno and 
Cardinal into a flower of greater size on a taller 
stem, widely branched, and pi'oduces its enormous 
blossoms in great profusion. Heretofore the price 
of this has been almost prohibitive for widespread 
distribution, but our stock has increased so that we 
are able to offer it at the following unprecedented 
low price : Each $4.00 ; three for $10.50 ; ten, $30.00 


Gigantic in size, perfect in every detail, tliis iris 
retains its popularity in spite of numerous compet- 
itors. Of an even tone of soft lobelia-blue, a little 
deeper than the blue of the sky, a light yellow beard 
for contrast. This ofttimes grows shoulder high, and 
is one of the many irises classed as tender that can 
be depended upon to thrive in almost any section of 
the country. Among tlie indispensables. 

Each 85c; three for $2.25; ten, $5.00 


Three years ago this Avas hailed as the best pro- 
duction ever turned out by the Sass Brothers. The 
yellow-pink blended flowers introduced a new color 
note, and it became immediately so popular that 
there has never been sufficient stock to supply the 
demand. It is one of the most reliable new varieties 

for scvci'e climates, besides being a very free bloomer 
and I'apid iiiultipliei'. Its future is assured. 

Each $1.50; three for $3.75; ten for $10.00 


A beautiful coral-red self, with orange l)eard, 
I)roducing a very striking contrast. Blooms arc cxtia 
large and of lovely rounded foi'iu. The color effect 
is deep and brilliant pink, rather than I'ed, and the 
jtetals have a glistening and fragile ai)i)earance, al- 
thoi;gh on the conti-ary they stand n]i perfectly. A 
considei'able novelty in cohir, and one of Sass's finest. 
Ilt'ight alxMit 'M) inches. 

Each $1.00; three for $2.25; ten for $6.00 

San Francisco 

a four-foot plicata that has been awarded the 
Dykes nii'dal by the American Iris Society. No other 
plicata approaches it in size and grandeur, heaviness 
of texture, or wide and low branching habit. It is 
not an iris for severe climates, but is worth the pro- 
tection of a box or glass covering during the winter. 
In warmer sections it grows perfectly and is oiu' of 
the truly "greats" of the iris world. At the price 
(|Uoted it is woi'th trying even if yon fail witli it. 

Each $2.00; three for $5.25; ten for $15.00 

Santa Barbara 

Here we have an iris which approaehes perfec- 
tion in the shape and size of its flowers, and in addi- 
tion is possibly the finest and clearest lavender-bine 
so fill' introduced. The exhibition rating of !)1 is well 
deserved. Having been in commerce sufficiently long 
to become fairly jjlentiful. it can now be bought at 
the following surprisingly low |)i'ices: 

Each 50c ; three for 90c ; ten for $2.00 


Although this iris was introduced in Phigland 
only last summer, we were fortunate enough to se- 
cure i1 two years ago, and now have a large supply 
of well-grown plants. The color and form somewhat 
resemble Bruno, but is both more brilliant and cop- 
pery. Of largest size, on heavy stems, with broad 
foliage, it bloomed in the fall in our gardens. 

Each $2.50; three for $6.00; ten, $17.50 

Sir Michael 

Unipiestionably the finest blue and purple bicolor 
in the world. Standards are clear blue, falls deep 
rich mahogany, with a beard of red-gold. Regarded 
as the fiiu'st iris ever to come from England and a 
sensation wherever shown. In our own wet North- 
west, in (iiy and sunny California, and in Nebraska, 
Ohio, and the colder Minnesota and New England, 
we found it blooming etpially well. A super iris, if 
ever t here was one. 

Each $4.00; three for $10.50; ten, $30.00 


Monster blue, flushed heliotroiie, on stems up to 
four feet in height. The intense orange beard is a 
salient feature. This is our own introduction, and 
we are proud of the fact that it has been well re- 
ceived in all sections of the country, A fit companion 
to such blues as Santa Barbara, Loetitia iMichaiul, 
and Duchess Sarah. I'old foliage, almost ever'green. 

Each $3.50; three for $9.00; ten, $25.00 


On this pap,e will be found a list of varieties which have been only recently introdnced, and 
of which we ha^ e only a few plants. In many instances they are the ^ems found in gardens of 
growers here and there during the course of Iris visitations in 1930-31. We urge you to place 
your order for these as soon as possible, for oiu" supply of stock is very limited. 


Pale lemon-cream, of I\roonligiit derivation. This 
flower was blooming magnificently in the Sehriener 
garden in St. Paul last June, and was a favorite of 
Robert Sehriener as Avell as myself. A very new in- 
troduction from England which has had little pul)- 
lieity, but is deserving of a place among the iris 
aristocracy. Blossoms of great size, slightly rTifried. 
splendid stem and Inancliing liabit. 

Each $4.00 

Blue Velvet 

FeAv irises have received more favoral)le comment 
during the past two years than has this rich velvety 
seedling from the hand of Dr. Loomis of Colorado 
Springs. An iiis of the Swazi type, larger, bluer, 
and finer in t'very way. Not vei-y i-ajiid of inci'case. 
it will lie in demand I'oi' a long lime (o coinc. 

Each $14.00 


Fairly recent, not especially rare, but one of the 
best and most brilliant light type variegatas. Tower- 
ing to four feet or more, a clump is a distinctive, 
high-light in the garden. Standards clear andier yel- 
low, falls flusiied light ])urple. yellow near the edges. 
One of Miss Sturtevant's l)est. 

Each $2.00 ; three for $4.50 


A Flowei' but ill lie known, and one which is de- 
serving of gi'eater popularity. 1 found it blooming 
in splendid form in several gardens in New York, 
Connecticut, and about Boston, and it niade an in- 
stant hit with me at least. Of only medium size, its 
dainty blossoms of pale primrose-yellow are deli- 
cately edged and stained violet, and are produced 
abundantly. Something different. Try it. 

Each $1.25; three for $3.00 


A self of rich, dark, bordeau red, lightened by a 
heavy gold beard. This iris, another of Dr. Loomis' 
wonderful seedlings, was one of the finest things I 
saw at Freeport in 1930. I was happy to add it to our 
own collection this past season. 

Each $14.00 


One of the fairly i-ecent French sorts which is 
known to but few growers. The standards of this iris 
are especially gorgeous, appearing as if covered with 
gold dust ; the underlying color is light chamois. 
Falls are corinthian red, striped cream and buff. A 
large and tall iris, with broad foliage tinged purple 
at the base. We have built up a nice stock and offei' 
it at a ver_y reasonable price. 

Each $2.50; three for $6.00; ten, $18.00 


Moon Magic 

I was privileged to visit Mr. Shull's own garden 
in Chevy Chase last Mny, and found this excellent 
iris at its very best. It is of a general buff-yellow 
tone, smooth and creamy in texture, of wonderful 
form. There is little doid)t in my own mind but that 
Moon ]\lagic will be proclaimed as Shull's greatest 
achievement since he gave us Morning Splendor. The 
accompanying photo gives a good idea of the oppu- 
lence of bloom, branching, and general all- 'round 
good qualities which go to make this an iris of rare 


Nearly black until half opened, then taking on 
deepest blue tints, with a blue beard. A giant flower 
on a tall and heavy stalk, finely branched. 

Each $12.00 


A variegata with brightest yellow standards, and 
very dark falls. It made a fine showing in Mr. Wis- 
ter's garden last Jnn(% and I was pleased to find a 
beautiful elump in "Sir. Wayman's display on Long 
Island. Of such perfection in every way that I felt I 
eould not do without it, even though we have two 
richly colored irises of this tyjie in Crown Prince 
and Beau Sabreur. Lodestar- is (luite diffeii-nt from 
either of these. 

Each $2.00 

Los Angeles 

Sister seedling of the wonderful plicata San Fran- 
cisco. A giant in size, snowy white, with faint edg- 
ings of lavender-blue. Splendid stalks were on ex- 
liibit in tlie St. Paul iris siiow, and it was growing 
and blooming lustily in the Sehreiner garden in that 
city, indicating that it is really quite hardy wlien 
once acclimated. 

Each $2.00; three for $4.50 

Mary Geddes 

A genuine novelty. "Indeed, it is one of the most 
stunning in color I have seen this year — or any year. 
It was so lovely we returned to it several times, going 
the following day to see it in its home garden, 
where it stood out among hnndi-eds of seedlings. It 
is tall, the bloom well placed on a nice stalk. A self 
color of light ochraeeous salmon, which should in- 
trigue one planning for color in the garden." — ^Irs. 
Hires, in A. I. S. Bldletin for July. 1980. A seedling 
I'aiscd l)y T. A. Washington of Nashville, and intro- 
duced by ]\Irs. Thos. Nesmitli of Lowell, Mass. 

Each $17.50 


Has the reputation of being the world's largest 
iris, and it certainly is a genuine .stunner. The flow- 
ers are of staggering size, up to nine inches in height, 
and are produced on stems which almost remind one 
of corn stalks. In addition to its size, Nene is really 
a beautiful iris, with lilac standards and falls of rich 
wine-red, darker at the haft. 

Each $6.00 ; three for $15.00 


Lovely old rose and yellow blend, a very luminous 
flower, tall and stately. Introduced by j\Irs. Thos. 
Nesmith of Ijowell, IMass., and my favorite of her 
seedlings. Flowers of lai'ge size, ;ibout tlii'ee feet in 

Each $4.00; three for $9.00 


One of tlie two magnificent seedlings introduced 
by Col. Nicholls of Ithaca, N. Y., last sununer. Stand- 
ards deep brown, with a hint of violet, very large, 
circular, and domed. Falls very dx-e]'> black-brown 
with a red undertone. Yellow beard. Of the Grace 
Sturtevant type, l)ut a lai'ger flower with better sub- 
stance and much finer standards. A wonderful nmv 
iris that is sui'e to atti'act in.stant attcntio]]. 

Each $12.00 

Red Dominion 

The much-heralded garnet-red Dominion from 
Dr. Ayres, introduced last year by Quality Gardens. 
I thrilled at tlie sight of this iris two years ago when 
I saw it growing in the gar'den of the originato)-, and 
have always spoken highly of it since that time. 
While the standards are a shade lighter than the 
falls, it is practically a self in effect — a piece of I'ich 
!•(■(] vehcl. The buds are particularly striking. 

Each $20.00 

Red Robe 

An enormous l)loom of perfect shape and habit, 
considered by Col. Nicholls as the finest iris he has 
ever turned out. Standards deeji petunia-violet, 
domed, FaUs deep red-violet, uniformly colored to 
the edge. Yellow beard. The flower is of s])lendid 
rounded shape, a brilliant, glowing iris that lights 
lip in the garden like a huge ruby. This iris sold at 
siglil w Immi in bloom, and as a result was uiii)btain- 
;iltle l.-iler in llie season last summer. 

Each $20.00 


A Williamson introduction of high merit, the 
nanu^ of which 1 understand means "Rising Sun". 
Like our old and true friend. Morning Splendor, this 
new iris needs to lie seen with the sun l)eliind it to be 
at its best. Then the rosy-purple standards and the 
rich red-purple falls take on a magnificence and 
splendor seldom found in any iris. l\Irs. Hires, noted 
iris critic, has remarked that Rosakura is among Wil- 
liamson's masterpieces and lier favorite of his 19:50 

Each $5.00 ; three for $12.00 


A glorified King Tut, grown by Dr. Loomis. Glor- 
ious in richest tones of red-brown, of heavy velvety 
texture. This, together with Erebian, was regarded 
as my choice of all the seedlings which Dr. Loomis 
had growing on trial at ^Irs. Pattison's garden in 

Each $18.50 


A clear and crisp self of cornflower blue, perfect 
in every way. Sensation was awarded the silver cup 
for the most outstanding flower in the Boston iris 
show last June. It has no peer among the blue selfs. 

Each $2.50 


A most luminous, tall yellow from .Miss Sturte- 
vant, large in size, and of extra good garden effect. 
The color is quite light, between cream and straw, 
with a beard of fiery orange-red. Free blooming and 
a tremendous increaser. This iris has been awarded 
an Honorable IMention by the American Iris Society 
when exhibited as a seedling. 

Each $7.50; three for $18.00; ten, $50.00 



Alchemy $35.00 

Allies 85 

Allure 3.00 

Amber A¥ave 12.00 

Andante 4.00 

Apache 50 

Aphrodite 40 

Asia 35 

Ballerine 35 

Beau Sahreui' 3.50 

Blackamoor 12.00 

Blue Velvet 14.(10 

Brittoness 4.00 

Bruno 65 

Camelliard 2.00 

Camilla Dubuar 2.00 

Candlelight 85 

Cinual)ar 1.00 

Cardinal 1.00 

Carfax 12.00 

Caroline E. Stringer 65 

Citronella 50 

Clara Noves 6.50 

Classic 17.50 

Columbine 6.50 

Coppersmith 1.25 

Coronation 1.50 

Crown Prince 25.00 

Dauntless 6.50 

Depute Nomblot 20.00 

Dogrose 12.00 

Desert Gold 10.00 

Dolly IMadison 1.50 

p]gypt 5.00 

Eloise Lapham 10.00 

Erebian 14.00 

Blsinore 1.25 

Eothen 20.00 

Euphony 1.50 

Evadne ($12.00 ner 100) . .25 

El Capitan 85 

Euphemia 1.50 

Frieda Mohr 1.00 

Frivolite 6.50 

Germaine Perthnis 1.00 

Golden Promise 40 

Goldilocks 20.00 

Gold Imperial 35 

Gold Top 6.00 

Glowing Embers 85 

Grace Sturtevant 5.00 

Hassan 6.50 





1 .00 



Price Each in Lots of 

Three Ten 




Julia ^tlarlowe 


King Tut .... 



La Bohemmiene 1.00 

Legend 10.00 

Le Correge 1.50 

Los Angeles 2.00 

Lodestar 2.00 

Lord Lamborne 35 

M. A. Porter 17.50 

Mable Taft 10.00 

iMajestic 35 

Mary (iibson 35 



' 5.00 

1 .25 











' ' .25 


















Mary Geddes $17.50 

]\Ielclioir 5.00 

Meldorie 18.00 

IMessaline 2.50 

Miehelline Charraire . . . .85 

iMildred Presby 25 

Midgard . . . ." 1.50 

i\Ime. Durrand 75 

Mnie. Cecile Bouscant . . .85 

.Moon Magic 8.00 

i\Iount Royal 1.25 

:\Iontour ." 1.00 

ilorning Splendor 

($10 per 100) 25 

i\Irs. IMarion Cran 60 

I\trs. Valerie West 4.00 

Nene 6.00 

Nurmahal 12.00 

Nusku 4.00 

Omaha 1.00 

Opaline 4.00 

Ophelia 1.25 

Oregon Beauty 13.50 

Oregon Giant" 8.00 

Peerless 1.50 

Phel)us 15.00 

Pioneer ($15 per 100) . . . .35 

Pluie d'Or 5.00 

Pongee 5.00 

Padre 2.50 

Puri.ssima 2.00 

Pink Satin 17.50 

Rameses 4.50 

Ramona 30 

Rasaknra 5.00 

Realm 1.00 

Red Robe 20.00 

Red Dominion 20.00 

Rosado 30 

Romola 1.00 

Rosa Bonheur 1.00 

San Francisco 2.00 

San Louis Rey 1.00 

Santa Barbara 50 

Sachem 18.50 

Sacramento 6.00 

Senlac 18.00 

Sensation 2.50 

Sikh 2.50 

Sir ilichael 4.00 

Souv. de Loetitia ^lichaud .85 

Sunlight 7.50 

Surprise 3.50 

Swazi 1.25 

Tapestry 8.00 

Tenebrae ($8 per 100) . . . .25 

Tiger-Tiger 15.00 

Tropic Seas ($15 per 100) .30 
True Charm ($il5 per 100) .30 

27 of April 30 

Tuscany Gold 3.00 

Vert-Galant 15.00 

Venus de :\Iilo 8.00 

Vesper Gold 1.00 

AYambliska 12.00 

Wedgewood 60 

AYhite & Gold 75 

Wm. Llohr 1.00 

W. R. Dvkes 18.00 

Zuni ..." 8.00 

Price Each in Lois of ■ 

Three Ten 









' 6.66 





.20 .15 

.50 .40 

3.50 3.00 


3.00 ..... 

.75 .60 




1.00 ..." 


.25 .20 

4.50 4.00 


1.75 1.50 

4.00 ..... 

.25 .20 


.85 .75 

.25 .20 

.75 .60 

.75 .50 

1.75 1.50 


.30 .20 




' .10 

' .20 



of fact, they should never be grown actually IN the water, but they will tolerate considerable inoistni'c 
al)uut the roots. However, they may also be grown right along with your other perennials, in any ordinary 
bofdcr, where tlieir varied coloi's and types will piwivc a beautiful asset to any {ilauting. Japanese iris 
prefer a rather ricli soil, and a little peat moss will be of benefit, for they prefer a slightly acid soil condi- 
tion. Never put lime into the soil or near them. They are al)solutely luirdy, l)ut a mulcli should be applied 


the first season to prevent heaving from frosts. 

Remember, we do not force our jjlants with fertilizer of any kind — it is the soil, climate, and cultivation 
which have built up a reputation for oiii' iris i)lants. 

Single varieties have three large petals, doul)le ones have six. 


ALICE BLUE. Dbl. Large pale blue with yellow markin-s $1.75 

ANGEL'S DEN. Dbl. Vinous purple ; verv good grower 1.75 

ASAGIRE. Dill. White, etched with blue"; a lovely thing 1.75 

AYASI. Sgl. White center, wide crimson edo'c 1.75 

AZURE. 1)1)1. Mauve blue, yellow blotch, dark luih. 2.50 

CLOUD DRESS. Dbl. (irey, lined heavily with i)urple lines 1.75 

CLOUDY SKY. Dbl. WHdtc center, tipped crimson red 2.50 

DOJI. 1)1)1. Deautiful. white overlaid lavender 1.75 

FRANCES E. CLEVELAND. Sgl. A gigantic bhu'-la vender ; one of the best of all Japanese irises. . . 4.00 

GENJIYAMA. Dhl. i^i.'h dark |)urple, long orange blotch and a halo of blue 2.50 

GOLD BOUND. Dhl. i.arge, pure snow white, gold bar 1.75 

HATSUKI. Sgl. rnifoi-m i)urple blue; very attractive 1.75 

HIMONO. Sgl. Dark cerise, style branches white, crests purple 1.75 

HOLLYHOCK. Sgl. IMedle.y of lavender and blue, and a very lovely thing indeed 5.00 

HOSOKAWA. Dbl. Purple blue, with white lines radiating' from golden bar at center 1.75 

HOTARI. Sgl. i^eautiful light lavender, veined purple. . ! '. 2.50 

J. A. HAYDEN. Dbl Splendid violet blue ; extra good 2.50 

JOSEPHINE HEYWOOD. Sgl. P>right blue, vivid purple sheen 2.50 

KAGARABI. Sgl. Fine light lavender, veiiu'd red purple 1.75 

KASAGA. Sgl. Crimson purple, slightly edged white 2.50 

KASUGANO. Dbl. Plum purple, darker pencilings 1.75 

KOHIO. 1)1)1. Light lavender ground, densely mottled and veinetl ])urple; an extra fine thing 5.00 

KOKO-NO-IRO. Dbl. Fine large red purple with prominent orange blotch 1.75 

KOMACHI. Dbl. Deep violet purple variety of great beautv. . . 1.75 

KOMBARIN. Dbl. Extra fine early white ' 1.75 

KOYKA. 1)1)1. Dark blue purple, splashed lavender 2.50 

KUMONO. 1)1)1. Lavender, veined white, yellow center 1.75 

KURO KUMO. 1)1)1. Deep purple, overlaid with blue 1.75 

MARJORIE PARRY. Dbl. Delicate light mauve with tufted center 2.50 

MONIJA. A fine dark crimson ])urple, edged with white 4.00 

NEPTUNE. Sgl. Beautiful dark blue, large orange blotch 2.50 

NISHIKA. Sgl. Large crimson purple, penciled with white 2.50 

OTOMENE. Sgl. Tall I'oyal purple, overlaid lavender; one of the finest things in this list 5.00 

PARAGON. Sgl. Beautiful large flowers of deep purple 2.50 

RISHONO. Dbl. Red purple, overlaid brilliant blue 1.75 

SHIGA. Dbl. Keddish blue, very large petals 1.75 

SHIKARI. 1)1)1. Claret wine, bright orange throat 2.50 

SHIMOYO. Sgl. Heavily veined violet on a grey ground 1.75 

SHORYUI. Sgl. White,' shaded and overlaid purple blue 1.75 

SUIBYIN. Sgl. Very beautiful dark purple, veined white 2.50 

SURI. Sgl. Grey ground, slightly overlaid blue 5.00 

TRIUMPH. Sgl. Lavender, veined with rich dark purple 1.75 

TUJI. Sol. Dark violet blue, flaked white 2.50 

VIOLET BEAUTY. Sgl. Pansy-violet, yellow blotch 1.75 

WAKAMU. Dbl. Bright crimson-purple, splashed white 1.75 

WAKAMURA. Dbl. Crimson violet, witii white halo surroiuiding a yellow bar; sometimes blooms 

in tall 2.50 

YONOMO. Dbl. (h-ey ground, overlaid crimson uuiroon 4.00